Clinical Services

Dr. Dorian provides cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) services to individuals and couples. He specializes in treating anxiety disorders (e.g., panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, etc.), depression, and related problems (e.g., low motivation, weight management and other health behaviors, self-worth/confidence, etc.). He also provides specialized marital/couples services for relationship problems (e.g., spouse, domestic partner, family members) and other interpersonal difficulties (e.g., getting along with co-workers, friends, etc.).
Dr. Dorian’s approach is evidence-based, and the treatment is individualized and most often short-term (defined as approximately 8-24 sessions). His interventions focus on helping clients resolve present day concerns by modifying unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns.  By empowering his clients with well-established strategies and principles of psychology, they can best serve as their own therapists for life. Dr. Dorian also employs strengths-based interventions to help individuals identify and capitalize on character strengths, not only to overcome problems, but to thrive in work, school, or home life.

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“There’s no shortcut to being our best selves.”
American Psychological Association

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